Making a refugee protection claim can be a complicated process. Here you can find information that can help you better understand this procedure.

Making a Refugee Claim

Find information about the process here:

Find information about the refugee process in Canada, please visit Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s website:

Find information on resettling from outside of Canada:

Information on claiming refugee status from inside Canada:

Refugee Hearing Preparation: A Guide for Refugee

Information on the Refugee Claimant Process in 2023

Example of an Refugee Protection Division ‘Extension of Deadline’ application

Other websites with helpful information about the refugee process

Other resources that may be helpful:

United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR):

Canadian Centre for Victims of Torture (CCVT):

Canadian Red Cross:

COSTI Immigrant Services:

Canadian Council for Refugees with Amnesty International, Canadian Council of Churches and Canadian Association of Refugee Lawyers: