Emergency Shelter Image

Emergency Shelter

The Shelter Program provides short-term emergency shelter and 3 meals daily to refugees.

Satellite Program Image

Satellite Program

The satellite shelter provides Sojourn House with an additional 20 room shelter space. The satellite shelter serves the same function as our main shelter.

Housing Stabilization Image

Housing Stabilization

The Newcomer Housing Help program assists newly arrived refugees to access and maintain housing in their new community.

Food Service Image

Food Service

The food service program at Sojourn House focuses on providing daily nutritious meals to all residents living in the shelter and in the satellite program.

Transitional Housing Image

Transitional Housing

A subsidized supportive program that assists refugees who have had difficulties with their transition and require longer-term support.

Outreach Image


The Outreach Program provides outreach services to Sojourn House residents moving to the community for one year after leaving Sojourn House.

Health Clinic Image

Health Clinic

The Crossroads clinic allows refugees to have easier access to healthcare soon upon arrival, thereby preventing illnesses that may consequently impair settlement or lead to health risks and complications.

Youth – Skills For Life Image

Youth – Skills for Life

This program has been developed to settle and integrate “separated refugee youth” aged 16-24 into Canada.