The Shelter Program provides short-term emergency shelter, 3 daily meals plus snacks  to refugees. This program has 76 beds divided between 38 dwelling rooms including 20 rooms at a local offsite location. Shelter is provided to newly arrived separated youth, single men, women and families seeking asylum in Canada.

Sojourn House takes pride and pleasure in serving refugees who come to our door seeking protection. Since its inception, Sojourn House has been a conduit for asylum seekers from all over the world. To many refugee claimants, Sojourn House is a place where they can spend their first night without fear, a place where they can finally rest without the fear of violence.


The Shelter Program offers settlement, housing and outreach services. Individuals accepted into the Shelter Program receive:

  • Information based counselling in the settlement process
  • Support with all phases of the refugee determination process and landing processes
  • Assistance in securing housing
  • Referral to ESL courses, medical services and community supports
  • Case coordination with legal services
  • 24-hour supportive counselling available
  • Follow up support after the client leaves the shelter

Clients with trauma and higher needs are identified through the Shelter Program and are referred to the Transitional Housing Program for longer-term support.


Clients are referred to us by multiple community agencies. It is possible for individuals to make inquiries in person. However it is recommended that you call in first to reduce your waiting time.

Clients are accepted to Sojourn House through the Shelter Program. Call Sojourn House’s front line staff with all inquiries at (416) 864-0515 ext. 221 or 222.

Front line staff will assess the information you provide to them and enter your name into a waiting list. You will be contacted on a priority basis as soon as a bed becomes available in the shelter. Sojourn House reserves the right to determine intake based on priority need.