The Transitional Housing Program has been in operation since 2006. This is a two-year subsidized supportive housing program that assists refugees who have had difficulties with their transition and require longer-term support to successfully integrate into the broader community.

The Transitional Housing Program has 48 fully furnished and self-contained apartments that house an average of 100 refugees. These include 24 single bachelor, 12 double-bachelor and 12 two-bedroom apartments.

These units provide a much needed safe place for people who have experienced traumatic and life-threatening situations. In addition, the supportive programs are provided by a dedicated staff team who provide residents with ongoing supports making them feel welcome and at home.


We work with all Transitional Housing residents to offer them a range of coordinated and specialized services that are tailored to fit their individual needs and to assist them in securing permanent housing.

List of services:

  • General supportive counseling
  • Assistance in securing housing
  • Support with all phases of the refugee determination process and landing processes
  • Assistance accessing educational programs including ESL courses, employment training and post-secondary programs
  • Coordination with external service providers
  • Community outreach
  • Orientation sessions and monthly residents’ meetings
  • Building group activities and recreational programming
  • Volunteer peer-support program
  • Homework club, tutorial assistance and age appropriate recreational programs for children and youth
  • Skills for Life Program for separated youth


Clients with trauma and higher needs are identified through the Shelter Program and can be referred to the Transitional Housing Program for longer-term support.

Referrals to the Transitional Housing Program come directly from shelters, agencies serving refugees, and other professional insitutions.

Due to the limited number of units available we do not keep a waiting list. Applications are only accepted when a unit becomes available. For information, vacancies and applications you may call the Transitional Housing Coordinator at (416) 864-0515 ext. 242 or email us at