Transitional Housing Program

Sojourn House Transitional Housing Program (THP) is a two-year subsidized housing
program offering refugees wrap-around supports for all their settlement needs. For
program admittance, Sojourn House works closely with community shelter partners to
receive referrals for eligible candidates; including families, single-parent households,
single adults and separated youth.
The THP has 48 furnished apartments: 24 single bachelors, 12 double bachelors and 12
two-bedroom apartments, for families of 3 persons or more. Our average occupancy in
2021 was 90 residents at any given time and the average length of stay was 1.65 years.
In 2021, we successfully assisted 135 clients that came from 27 different countries. This
number was quite low in comparison to previous years, as the pandemic challenged
many from seeking asylum. With the dedication and combined efforts of the Transitional
Housing Team, Sojourn House was able to provide clients with a holistic care approach
and housing stability that was tailored to address the individual needs of clients. Once
admitted to the program, residents receive a wide range of client-centred services that
include individualized case management, settlement counselling, referrals to medical
and legal services, information on education and employment, systems navigation, group
programming and enjoyable outings.
Providing a safe and welcoming space for our clients is our number one objective during
their two-year residency. Our programs range from homework support, movie nights for
children, outings to Centre Island, visits to the Toronto Zoo and the celebration of different
holidays throughout the year. By creating a safe community through trauma-informed care,
we provide opportunities for social and skills development, while also assisting our clients
with integration into the wider Toronto community.

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