Hani’s Story

In Youth

When he arrived to Canada he did not have a place to stay and bounced around hotels and shelters. Eventually he was able to find housing which he shared with a roommate. His roommate taking advantage of the fact that he was new in Canada stole from him and left him with no money to support himself. “It was difficult to enter society because I didn’t know the country, I didn’t know anything. The first three months were a nightmare”. Hani once again had to seek refuge at shelters. He sought out Sojourn House and he was taken into the Transitional Housing Program for one year and three months.

“I no longer felt safe in the community, I was overwhelmed by the thought of going out of Sojourn House alone. But with the support of the youth counselor at Sojourn House, I gained the confidence to go outside, I felt safe and secure with this support”

At Sojourn House there was always someone there for you. Having them made me feel safe, like our parents. They put me in the right direction and gave me the right advice about school and employment. If it wasn’t for Sojourn House I could have ended up in the street with no job, no experience, no English.

After being at Sojourn House for one year and three months I was ready to be in the society. They gave me a good start. After leaving Sojourn House I felt confident to take care of myself and more so I gained skills to help other newcomers.

Today I am working towards completing my studies in accounting at George Brown College. I often volunteer my time at Sojourn House helping newcomers file their taxes and dressing up as Santa for the children during the holidays”.

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