Separated Youth Story

In March 2012, I was able to move into the Transitional Housing Program and participated in the Life Skills program.

During my time at Sojourn House I received a lot of support from staff to complete the applications for my work and study permits. I received help to register for adult school and in 2014 I will accomplish my goal to graduate from High School.

Sojourn House Staff helped me write a resume and practice interviews which allowed me to find work to support myself. I have been working at the same job for over a year now.

During my time at Sojourn House I was able to make friends with other youth my age. One of the friends I made is now my roommate outside of Sojourn House. We moved out of the transitional Housing Program together in January 2014. We enjoy living together and although we come from different backgrounds, our shared experiences at Sojourn House help us feel like family.

Sojourn House provided us with great experiences to attend various sporting events and outings. They helped to fulfill my dreams to see an NBA game. These outings allowed me to forget some of my past and see more towards my future. The outings we did allowed us to have fun. One of my favorite experiences with Sojourn House was the opportunity to go camping.

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