Bola’s Story

The instability and insecurity of a very blessed nation has forced many out…

I left my home nation to flee the lawlessness and insecurity which today has become world headline news…

I arrived in Canada 8 months pregnant armed with a laptop and my credentials and a hope and trust in a God much bigger than the situation I was in. I came to Canada in search of a peaceful life and a future for my unborn child.

In search of a place to stay, I came across Sojourn House.

Sojourn House should actually be called “The Sojourners’ Resting Place”. I found there a place I could park my fears, insecurities and uncertainties and have a good night’s rest. The staff are friendly, non-judgmental, caring and compassionate.

They were with me supporting, encouraging and giving great advice every step of the way. With a secure place to rest each day, I eventually got a great job with one of the top 5 Canadian banks (which made news in the Toronto Star at the time) and found my feet in the society. Sojourn House is a great organization doing great work in our community.

A part of my life now is constantly giving back to a society that gave so much to me when I had nothing – and – Sojourn House is on the list of recipients.

I encourage everyone reading my story to support the great work Sojourn House is doing. It could be the best investment you ever made.

Thank you for all you do – every day – Sojourn House.

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