Youth Program Education Support

Sojourn House supports a growing number of Separated Refugee Youth between the ages of 16-24 who fled to Canada alone, without family, networks or friends. These youth are exceptional, they are eager to continue their education despite their difficult past and traumatic separation from family members. Yet they face extraordinary challenges including: getting accustomed to a Canadian school system, purchasing school supplies and affording the cost of transportation to get to school.

With a donation of $50 you can help a youth in need with:

  • Purchasing school supplies
  • Transportation costs
  • Field trip fees
  • College and University Application fees


Newcomer Arrival Packages

Refugees arrive in Canada with the few belongings they have been able to safeguard during their refugee journey to safety. In Canada they face the complicated task of rebuilding their lives. In the beginning of their journey in Canada refugees experience multiple obstacles including economic restraints, often unable to purchase the many essentials we take for granted.

With a donation of $35 you can help us provide 1 arrival package to a newly arrived refugee.

An arrival package includes: Hygiene products such as shampoo, a toothbrush and soap. As well as bedding articles that include: towels, bedsheets and pillow cases. During the winter months this package includes a pair of gloves, a hat and a scarf.



Pregnancy And Baby Care Products

Sojourn House provides supports to pregnant women and youth, many of whom are survivors of sexual violence. These women have arrived to Canada alone, often severely traumatized. These are low income women who are in need of pregnancy care and baby arrival products, items they cannot afford. These items can help women who are pregnant better cope with their financial limitations and being a new mother while navigating the complex immigration process.

With a donation of $60 you can help us purchase the items needed for the women’s physical health and the health of their babies.



Fresh Food Program

Many of the refugees living in our Transitional Housing units are dependent of food banks. Food banks generally do not provide fresh fruits and vegetables essential for the maintenance of good health. A poor diet can lead to a number of mental and physical health problems. Yet for a refugee who has lived through various types of violence and traumatic experiences, a poor diet can further aggravate present physical and mental health problems, making it increasingly difficult for the individual to move beyond their refugee experience and to integrate into a new community.

As part of Fresh Food program we would like to have food vouchers available for newly arrived refugees, who do to poverty lack access to perishable foods including fresh fruits and vegetables.

With a donation of $25 you can provide a refugee with 1 voucher = 1 week worth of fresh fruits and vegetables.

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